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Our pads are high quality woven felt double bladder pads manufactured in the USA.

Our Flute pads are MANUFACTURED WITH USA Made materials. Medium soft woven felt, double bladder transparent pads with beveled cardboard baking. This is a very good quality flute pad. Made in USA. We stock these in the most popular thickness which is 3.0 mm (medium thickness). Other thicknesses are available as special order. The felt is medium woven felt well suited for slightly uneven tone holes.

Closed hole (MOST) flutes $25.00

Open hole flutes $30.00

Best (Yellow) Closed hole (MOST) flutes $30.00

Best (Yellow) Open hole flutes $35.00

Alto Flute $39.00

Bass Flute $42.00

Piccolo Pads $23.00

Individual Pads


We accept credit orders through Paypal or pay with a money order.

If you don't see what you are looking for or have problems with the online store, please send an email with your needs!

Send us an email with your questions.


Q.   How many keys does a flute have?

     A.  Almost all modern flutes have 16 pads. They are not "one-size-fits-all". Each manufacturer decides what sizes to use.

Q.   How much would it cost to replace all pads on a flute?

     A.  If you do it yourself, we recommend getting our Repair Kit. The prices start at $25.00 for all of the pads needed.

Q.   How often do flute pads need to be replaced ?

A.  It varies. We've seen flutes that have gone 10 or more years without needing major pad work. Generally, if the flute gets a lot of use, the time will be much shorter. Keeping your pads dry will definitely lengthen the time they will last.

Q.   How do I replace flute key pads ?

     A.  We offer instructions for installation of our pads. Click here for our instruction page.

Q.   Is my flute an "open hole"?

     A.   An open hole flute will have holes all the way through the metal pad cup on about 5 of the keys. Sometimes these are covered with plastic inserts. If you do not have holes all the way through the cups, it is NOT an open hole flute.

Q.   Why do my flute pads have holes in the middle?

     A.   All flute pads for modern flutes have holes in the middle of the larger pads. The pads will attach with either clips or small screws with washers. Even when you get pads for a closed hole flute, they will have these holes.

Q.   Do you have pads for my antique wooden flute?

     A.   Yes. You will need to measure the pads using the instructions for clarinet. Then order clarinet pads. The very old/antique wooden flutes had pads that did not have holes in the center like modern flutes (last 70 years?). We have successfully supplied pads for these to several customers.

Q.   Can I repad my flute without removing the keys?

     A.  Probably not. You will be able to effectively replace some of your pads without taking off the keys. But it is very difficult. It is much better to remove the key.

Q.   How to tell if a spring needs replacing on my flute?

     A.  Good Question. If it's not there, it definitely needs to be replaced! Otherwise, if it has lost it's springyness, and the pad refuses to close but there is no other reason, replace it. We have springs available on our website.

Q.   How do you replace springs on a flute?

 You will need to remove all of the old spring. This requires that you pull the spring back through the post that it goes through. In many cases you will need to punch the spring back through the post so that you can grab it with plyers. We sell springs and punches on our website.

Q.   Do you have pads for my flute?

A.   Yes. We have pads in stock to fit all flutes.

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