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Our premium pads made with the finest U.S. made tan kid (goat) skins.

Our saxophone pads are fully tanned, fully grained, pneumatic and waterproofed. This leather is treated to avoid "stickiness". Backing is 100% woven felt. Harder felt will guarantee a light crease for fast action professional performers.
Full cardboard back, plain or with domed metal resonator with rivet (other types available on request). Our saxophone pads are made with medium soft woven felt. All materials and pads are USA MADE. When ordering any “SET” we can't guarantee it unless you provide specific sizes for the set. We have charts that are accurate for most instruments. If there is a problem with the fit of any of our products, we will exchange pads of the correct size upon request and return of your unused pads.

Pads: $91.00
Shipping: $3.50

baritone sax pads


Shipping charge: 4.00
Small tube of pad glue pellets. One will easily be sufficient for one clarinet. Order larger tubes for Saxophone installation.
glue pellets

pad cement

Shipping charge: 4.00
glue pellets

pad cement
A $15.00 surcharge will be added

pad cement

A $30.00 surcharge will be added

pad cement


11 screw drivers in small case. All the sizes you'll need to work on your instrument project and more. This is a great little set to have around the house after you finish your project.

Set price: $4.95
Shipping: $3.00

pad cement
Screw Drivers

Need info on how to install? Click on the links below:

Saxophone Pad Installation

Measuring for Saxophone Pads

We accept credit orders through Paypal or pay with a money order.

If you don't see what you are looking for or have problems with the online store, please send an email with your needs!

Send us an email with your questions.


Q.   How many keys does a saxophone have?

 Almost all modern saxophones have between 23 and 25 pads pads. They are not "one-size-fits-all". Each manufacturer decides what sizes to use.

Q.   How much would it cost to replace all pads on a sax?

     A.  If you do it yourself, we recommend getting our Repair Kit. The prices start at $55.00 for all of the pads needed.

Q.   How often do sax pads need to be replaced ?

     A.  It varies. We've seen saxophones that have gone 10 or more years without needing major pad work. Generally, if the sax gets a lot of use, the time will be much shorter. Keeping your pads dry will definitely lengthen the time they will last.

Q.   How do I replace sax key pads ?

     A.  We offer instructions for installation of our pads. Click here for our instruction page.

Q.   Should I use Resonator Pads?

     A.   Resonator pads will make the sax sound more lively. Leaher sax pads absorb sound from the tone holes. The resonators bounce that sound.

Q.   Do you have pads for my sax?

     A.   Yes. We have pads in stock to fit all saxophones.

Q.   can I repad my sax without removing the keys?

     A.  Probably not. You will be able to effectively replace some of your pads without taking off the keys. But it is very difficult. It is much better to remove the key.

Q.   How to tell if a spring needs replacing on my sax?

     A.  Good Question. If it's not there, it definitely needs to be replaced! Otherwise, if it has lost it's springyness, and the pad refuses to close but there is no other reason, replace it. We have springs available on our website.

Q.   How do I replace springs on my saxophone?

 You will need to remove all of the old spring. This requires that you pull the spring back through the post that it goes through. In many cases you will need to punch the spring back through the post so that you can grab it with plyers. We sell springs and punches on our website.


Q.   Do you supply installation instructions?

     A.   Basic instructions for installing our products are posted on our web site. Beyond that, send us a message.

Q.   What happens if Shop For Band Does not have the specifications for my instrument?

     A.   You will need to measure your pads. We have instructions for taking the measurements posted on our web site. Follow the links below:

Clarinet Pad Measurement

Sax Pad Measurement

Flute Pad Measurement

Piccolo Pad Measurement

At checkout specify "other" as the brand of instrument. After you pay for the pads you'll have an opportunity to send us brand information. Send us the sizes in that or in a EMAIL message.

Q.   Why should I buy from Shop for Band?

     A.   Our instruments and supplies are better than most.  There are many so called "bargains" on Ebay or other online auctions.   We also compare local music stores and know our competition.   Many of these "bargains" are disasters!   We recondition almost all of what we sell.   If it is NOT reconditioned and tested, we will tell you!

Our pads are top quality pads and we will help you with answers to your questions about installation.

Q.   Does "one-size" fit all? If I buy pads for a flute will they fit any flute?

     A.   NO.  Pads are not universal fit. You will need to specify the brand of your instrument. We can fit any instrument with pads. We have charts for the most common brands, but sometimes we recommend measuring because of unreliable charts. Generally we can fit the most common brands without measurement. If you get pads from us and they do not fit because of inacurate charts, we will exchange the pads without cost to you to ensure you have the correct pads for your project.

Q.   Should I buy from my local music store?

     A.   Yes! By all means.   However, we sell directly through the internet and offer substantial savings.   We do not have a display room, store, or any of the overhead expenses that go with a storefront.   The savings go directly to you.

Q.   Do you have pads to fit my 1911 clarinet, sax, flute....

     A.   Yes.  We are a pad distributor and have pads of all sizes. We have pad charts to determine the exact size needed for many instruments. In some cases we may request that you measure your pads. We will work with you to get exactly what you need.

Q.   Do you offer advice about what to buy?

     A.   Yes, please send an email with your questions, age of student, experience level, price you can pay, or whatever.   We will give you advice about what to look for.   This is good information, even if you don't buy from us you should do this send us a message.

Q.   How long will it take to get my order?

     A. Generally, your order will usually be shipped within 48 hours after we receive payment by money order or through   We will hold shipment for personal checks to clear. A small percentage of orders require pads to be made at the factory to fit the installation. These orders may take up to 10 days to ship.

Q.   Can I return the product?

     A.   If it is undamaged, we will gladly accept returns within 21 days of purchase.   Buyer is to pay shipping and handling.

Q.   Should I buy a Wood Clarinet?

     A.   Wow!   We get this one a lot!  For some, it may make sense to buy a good quality "plastic" or "composit" clarinet.   For beginning players who may need some time to learn how to care for a clarinet, the non-wood route may be your best starting point.   I would recommend buying non-wood and using it until the student matures both in musical skill (sqwawks is squawks, right) and ability to take care of things.   Then I'd consider buying a good wood clarinet and keeping the old non-wood clarinet for marching band (usually starts in high school), bad weather conditions, etc.   Wood clarinets are sensitive to moisture, heat/cold changes, dropping (so are non-wood!).
One final word.... Be careful buying "New" clarinets on Ebay.   Some of these are of very poor quality!

Q.   Do you take trade-ins or buy instruments?

A.   Yes.  Send us an email with a full description and a picture, if possible. We will give you a quote for trade-in or purchase.   send us a message.

Q.   What if some of the pads don't fit?

     A.  We will exchange any unused pads for the correct pads for your installation. There is NO CHARGE for this.

Q.   How important is the glue?

     A.   VERY  You must use a glue that will allow you to “seat” the pads.   If you use contact cement, airplane glue, Elmer’s, or any other glue, you will make your project much more difficult. We recommend using the pad glue that we sell. It will allow you to apply a small amount of heat from a match or a lighter to the back of the pad cup to soften the glue and “seat” any pads that are not completely covering the tone holes on your instrument.  You can buy the proper glue from our web site at the pad glue page.

Q.   Does Shop For Band ship to countries other than USA?

     A.   YES  We ship to all areas of the world.

Q.   Can I call in my order?

     A.   We are not able to take phone orders.   If you have problems using the web site you may call us at (480) 216-6779.

Q.   Can you send me a catalog?

     A.   NO  Most of our products are listed on our web site. If you do not see what you need, please send us a message.

Q.   What are you doing to protect the environment?

     A.   We are continuing to do what we can to be "green". Whenever possible we are reusing the packaging we get from our suppliers. That's why you may sometimes receive your orders in what appears to be "old bags". It's not much, but we're trying not to send more plastic to the local landfill. We also are making fewer trips to the Post Office to limit our driving. We still go 3-4 times per week, but no longer make trips multiple times per day. Again, a small contribution, but we're doing what we can.

Q.   Should I peel off the protective covering on the pads?

     A.   NO, NO, NO. The "covering" is the protection for the felt in the construction of the pads. Our pads are ready to use when you get them! Do NOT peel the cover or attempt to reduce the size of the pads.

Q.   Can I get Overnight shipping Service?

     A.  Yes. On the order page simply click the order button to order overnight (next day delivery) shipping. We will do our best to get your order shipped that same day via U.S. Post Office Overnight Service. There is a $25.00 surcharge to cover the cost.

Q.   Do you accept credit cards?

     A.   We accept all major credit cards through
Q.   How much does it cost to get new pads put on a clarinet?

     A.  ;If you do it yourself, we recommend getting our Complete Repair Kit. The cost is $34.95 and you'll receive the supplies needed to do the job. If you prefer you can send us your clarinet and we will do the work. Click here for details.

Q.   Do you have pads for my clarinet?

     A.   Yes. We have pads in stock to fit all clarinets.

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