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Baritone Saxophone Information

The baritone saxophone is one of the largest members of the saxophone family. It is the lowest-pitched saxophone in common use. The tenor, alto, and the soprano saxophone are the other commonly found members of the family.

It is a transposing instrument in the key of Eb, pitched an octave plus a major sixth lower than written. It is one octave lower than the alto saxophone. Modern baritones with a low A key and high F# key have a range from C2 to A4. Adolphe Sax also produced a baritone saxophone in F intended for orchestral use, but these fell into disuse. As with all saxophones, music is written in treble clef.

The baritone saxophone is the only member of the saxophone family which commonly has a "low A" key (sounding concert C). Much less commonly, altos and basses have been manufactured with low A keys. Benedikt Eppelsheim now makes a contrabass saxophone with one.

The baritone plays a notable role in many Motown hits of the 60s, and is often in the horn sections of funk, blues, and soul bands. It is sometimes also used in rock music.

We have pads availble to make a pad set for any baritone sax.

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